Sunday, November 16, 2008


To Jamie, from Tobin. August 20, 1964

The lure of the open road
is more than I can bear.
Whatever ties me to this land
I just don't seem to care...

Adventure lies within you, she said
a question and a claim.
but i've got this itch
the 'here' can't scratch
got to move to flee the same,
Gypsy-hearted birth name.
Living life in a moving frame.
( To what end? They ask )
( God only knows )
don't matter. just go.
I'll risk the world before i remain
in the dull of the same
create myself a refrain. of
You come to me,or my backup 4...
We'll preach it -All you need is love-
We'll teach it. beat it.
beat the skepticism of-
the safe.
All you need is love*
a few scraps of clothes and guitar
I'll take you with me...
don't forget the camera
and we'll go singing somewhere far.

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