Wednesday, November 12, 2008

last october

red shoes and them, we stumble
and rough house to the floor
false purple eyelashes on the corners
theatrical staging and
wood grain
sour kiss when the timing's right wrong
there are apples not on
the tree
comfort, that is,
elevated time step kung-fu
tennessee's folly was to write it down for me
highway 580
brown earth sparrow sky
and the rows and rows and rows
left behind
the mirror turns back around
girls weave
and short sleeve
mountain pubescent breasts
filler, melt
windmill legs & arms
paul whispers wisdom thru
the radio
bladder control out
willow & lilac
in the backseat but close
dirty tile
effervescence for tobin
and and hippie names
rosewood guitars bring the music
the sweet music
whistle, peep,
marlboro packs snap crackle
orange the godawful orange
prison down the road
kerouac dreams acid dreams
tailgating the girl stevie rae

words, the pen
musical notes & voices
record crackles, sizzles
mono, stereo
book bindings
yellow tinted images of
narrowly specific moments
the map of the city
the state
the country
the countries
the world

-27 october 2007, east bay california