Friday, November 28, 2008

(yeah, it's like that)

the way we are to people is complicated.
and i like to run away.  you can't have
problems with people when they aren't
around.              that's a lie.

i want to be in europa right now
with.   amy and tobs.
like we live there, somewhere.
                    and there is happiness and
          no money and there is wallpaper
and its falling off and long walks in the
park and dark alleys behind theatres and
stage makeup and fuzzy curls around cheeks
and paper lanterns and cocktails and maybe
we'll have a bunny and maybe we'll go live in 
the bookstore.    the stories will fall into our
heads while we sleep and we'll wake up with 
prince's kisses on our cheeks.       and maybe.    
 shakespeare's ghost himself will come to spout 
sonnets to his own
                       ancient lover.


Anonymous said...

i remember this one
and that place
and this feeling
i dig, lady

(and for when you can't quite dig:

flightless bird said...
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