Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's like it's news or something

i just think god is confusing. ("god! you are confusing!") i just think people are confusing god and me. on purpose. at work today, i stood behind the bar and said to myself "what if we got really busy today?" and then we did. on any old run of the mill tuesday. this was nice since i need extra money this month and went on vacation last week. but i don't know whether i prayed for a busy lunch shift or it was the power of the human mind..some determination and fate. an answered prayer? or the stars aligning? is there a god? yes. but not the god you and i think of. one outside something any human could wrap their mind around. oh now, i need to sit down, it's all too much.

in other news, heather busse's wordpress page is now available under "never yawn...". it's called evening pages. it's rather wonderful. she's a talented writer and is heading to london in the fall for grad school.

i just got back on sunday from a road trip with shawn and attending my brother's wedding. we hopped from big sur to the winchester mystery house to bar hopping in san francisco to lounging poolside at my parents house to a ceremony in the forest and getting in some really overdue quality time with my crazy family.

poetry and the sort has been running a little dry. its move in/move out time so my priorities are filing old papers, painting scribbles on my wall and working any extra job to come up with rent+deposit. the time will come soon enough for alone time and writing.

til then, adieu.

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thekitchenboy said...

i just think,
your life is so lovely