Tuesday, May 26, 2009

see them all glowing in the windows

i can't seem to get better.
i can't seem to curb hunger.

we are putting all our things in boxes.
and throwing old things in the garbage.

we are painting the walls a vanilla color.
and covering up what this year brought us.

i am doing the crosswords now and reading
about obama and art museums in paris.
(i am trying to be smart)

i am learning about hinduism and soaking
in plenty of t.s.eliot. but i have no journal.

i peeled polaroids off the wall today with
sticky fingers. and i put them in a shoe.

i am loving you, now. not here.
oh those handfuls of dear ones.

i could really use some blank pages,
and good ideas. i could really use

a typewriter, backstage west, gas in
my car, camels and a little pat on the back.

perhaps, just, burn a candle,
for me, or whoever you know needs it.

we could burn candles for each other,
always. and i'd like to walk at night

and see them all glowing in the windows.


Carrie said...

I joined Twitter today and don't totally understand it either. But I am glad you have one too...it feels less lonely with you.

thekitchenboy said...

i'm burning one
ce soir
et peut-etre,
you might want to know,
there's a sliver moon
a silver moon
maybe you'll have one too.
and you can always write
on cardboard