Sunday, May 10, 2009

may tenth two thousand nine.

i'm very very hungry now.
warm socks. and.
sweaters. and.
a fever. and.
i have many bruises.

paper and boxes and things.
and bags and fabric. and.
my back hurts. and.

the girls. are. and.
we're home. and.
together. we. and.
he. and.

human touch. and.
need. and.
the lights are off. and.
oh, heavens. love.
i like this thing we've
got. sure.

i'm very very hungry now. and.
i'm very very tired now. and.
auburn strands of hair. and.
he's getting hitched. and.
no one loves you like i do. and.
c'mere. and.
oh, and.
yes, and.

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Anonymous said...

i like this. a lot. and.