Friday, May 22, 2009

non, pas rewombion pour moi

i'm usually the one who is true to my word.
i'm usually the one who does what she says
and fulfills her promise. punctual.
(oh, not today)

they drove away, and i, i had to stay here.
and. i chose to stay here. and.
it is killing me.

oh heavens, i thank ye recession.
for doling out fine hits that burn
the throat and the heart, too.
throwing us into choices, and making
us absent for the real, good, important
places. people. hearts. oh,

how the weekends start to change,
(some days) when you are getting
older. and braver. because braver
is not always braver like you think.

but brave can be staying here.
when you want to leave.

brave can be writing a check.
when you don't have the means.

brave can be responsibility.
when you want to be free.

brave, to me, is lots of things.
its hard, oh so hard to be brave.