Saturday, July 11, 2009

eight fifty-five

planning a poetry night. package in the mail, smells of burberry. polaroids and (good love). of october. printing things out late at night. doodling for postcards & marketing. inviting community over for dinner. chocolate decadence cake gift. tie-dye. old stolen photo unknown. jeff. script readings. seven a.m. phone calls and catching up. sage. hidden wine bottle and waiting. breakfast meeting. eureka families. nearby trees not seen. playground. cold. the acsension of. hard-backed chairs. good conversation. feeling smart. a helping hand and doing dishes. dancing. mieke. alpha. bridges. theater. LA term. missing love. calender. claire iris schencke. carpet. reading. shawn.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Alpha. Bridges.

Just glad you included those two words and all the thoughts (good and bad) that come to mind with those words.

Can't wait to hear about this adventure you are on. Hope you are feeling inspired. Your blogs certainly seem to reflect some inspiration.