Thursday, July 9, 2009

one times forty

mackenzie says i am looking
too much into the future and
i should focus on each day and
getting through it.

so i made a little note that says
one day at a time
and taped it up on my wall
with lovers polaroids.

i am very dirty and hair tied up
in scarves and listening to
jackson browne in my few
alone moments before bed.

my corner of bed floor
sleeping; sleeping bag
shoebox bookshelf coffeemug
and silk flower open suitcase.

living in an abandoned classroom
chalkboards, cream yellow cinder
block walls and real lonely feeling.

checking things off my list like
books to read and
tasks for the day and
cry a little bit.

one day at a time she says and yes
one times forty will come. and go.
and then the distance we will
all know joy.

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