Thursday, March 5, 2009

but i'm not dead!

some good news! i've just been made a writer at evil monito, an online magazine as a music writer, reviewing albums and live shows. they are based out of echo park, write mostly about art, music and culture and are dedicated to intelligent writing. i'm very excited about this. so please! check out their website, read some articles, and look for an album review soon of brother's better days. it should be up in the next week or so.

though i've been plagued with womanly illness (see earlier posts), i still managed to have a good day. what with new developments from my editor-in-chief that continue to encourage me. but also, as i was working today, found out we had a celebrity visiting us for the play this evening. eric idle of monty python came right up to my table in the courtyard to pick up his will call tickets. he leaned over, opened his mouth to give me his name and before he said anything, i had his tickets in hand, outstretched and i smiled up at him, silently. and that was our first interaction. at intermission, i invited him to the donor lounge for complimentary wine, etc "well for fuck's sake!" he exclaimed.

to spread icing on the night, i saw an incredible red headed mullet. curly. on about a forty-year old man. this made me very happy.

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taylor mckay said...

for fuck's sake indeed. sounds like a splendid night.