Sunday, March 8, 2009

the center

it is funny. or strange.
how my life
centers around music.

it is the center.
new ideas, listening.
and now, writing about (for me).
critical of & our.
sounds. melody.
this is. can. what.

becomes your life.
the ebbe & flowe of.

finding yourself on new
bricks. and new men.

i jump railyards to.
somewhere new & it
takes me to.

running. sailing. railing.
like jack i hope.
to new sounds.
nostalgia hopes of future.
come forever.
& it's music that.
center is.
our lives.

it always was.
it always was.

1 comment:

taylor mckay said...

im glad another poet references jack.

your poetry is incredible.
please keep writing.