Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it's not tomorrow

we live like the sun won't rise.
and drink.
and laugh.

(the night,
drinks, music, music,
play it, play i t .
oh, talk to me.
hear me.
i loveyou.
our family, gallons of juices, gulping
and swinging.
sneak off to bedrooms
and laugh some more. more.

let's get you laid tonight.
oh, tonight).

you walk in.
and you.
and you.
and you're welcome
here. please come in.
have a cup of wine,
stay awhile.
please kiss me
please hear me

or we can just lie. on the couch.
we're all on the couch. dancing on tables,
dirty carpet.

eating , sipping , inhale and go outside.
gossip and be with friends

is it monday?

its not tomorrow

1 comment:

hannah elsepth said...

...more than you know
but you do,
know, that it