Friday, May 6, 2011

and rambling

i'm thinking about things like
paper and glue and chapter two
for me and you and patting heads
and patting backs and kissing cheeks
and cheering and screaming and
linked arms for pictures on a football
field and stadium lights glowing and
glowing all of their faces shining
and relieved and happy and flowers
from parents and onlooking siblings
and cousins glowing happy and
flowers. i'm thinking about sleeping
in a pile of clothes on my bed and
flipping through vogue when work
is slow and scribbling french questions
and red lipstick and black and leah
and how did she like paris. i'm thinking
about summer tans and beers in the
backyard barefoot and concerts and
cemeteries and grass and city skylines
and smog and early mornings with
the sun in my bedroom and happy
birthdays and plum apple cheek kisses
and wavy hair and adventure books
and looks and cook books and world
harvest baskets of food and good
moods and rambling and rambling
and rambling and rambling and

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