Tuesday, May 3, 2011


the thing about being happy is that it's harder for me to write. no inspiration or motivation for that matter. the only things i happen to scribble down are incessant lists and i also have the necessity to write things down as soon as they enter my head because i'm a lot more forgetful these days, which is why i've been to target about four to five times a week and also why i burned the pizza last night. (note to self: set a timer).

for the sake of being able to write - here are some things that make me happy: coming home to tin & gina listening to my dinah '62 album, evenings off, hand drawn animation, nail polish, the sunlight in my bedroom at 7am, freckles, a virtual flight over california, getting lost in my new neighborhood, midnight snacks in bed, funny tweets, being near my friends.

take my advice and find one teensy tiny thing everyday that you look forward to. even if its just the feeling of taking off your hat at the end of your shift and shaking out your hair. that's one of the best parts of my days as a cashier.

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