Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my car was towed

yesterday i had a car towing adventure. and when i picked it up, it had a parking ticket on it as well. to add the others i have, just for fun. but today, everything is paid off, my car is back in my possession (and parked on the westernmost side of my street, so i won't get a ticket tomorrow morning) and i have just about ranted all i can about the concept of towing (nobody should have the right to TAKE my car!!!) anyways...

i couldn't go into work and it turned into one of those "fuck it let's go to disneyland" type of days, which i didn't, but wish i could have. if only it wasn't such a far drive.. sometimes you just do NOT feel like sitting in traffic on the 5.

besides that i've spent most of the week (when i'm not at work) lying around on my bed or sitting on the couch trying to write or do something to catch inspiration. lately its just been bob dylan. bob dylan records, bob dylan documentaries, bob dylan biopics, bob dylan youtube videos of press conferences. i can't stop. i can't even read these days. and although i'm not big on re-reading old faves, i've been itching to do just that. i think tom sawyer has been whispering at me to pick him up again. love that book. i think the only thing that has felt creatively inspiring is getting dressed in the morning. people tell me to do drugs to get inspired but i respectfully disagree. writing is my anti-drug.

well, goodnight kids. until i can write something worth your while, read this...because this girl does not blog enough: let's talk over toast

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Isabella said...

Going on a long drive is sometimes what I need to get me back to writing. Playing with my nephews and nieces also does the trick. I agree with you about Tom Sawyer: it is a classic.

Isabella Pospisil"