Saturday, May 14, 2011

eventually, something will

i've had such a busy week i've hardly had time to blog. i went to mondays at ten for the first time, dead set on preparing something for next week and then all of a sudden it was friday and my plans for memorizing something quickly shot out the window but what the hell. i squeezed in some extra work for a tv show on wednesday in between restaurant shifts, getting ready to train for my next position, went to the LA artwalk and danced like crazy to my new fave LA band seanshan and saw robbie delong play a set at noize kontrol in the most random industrial neighborhood in huntington park last night. i was all set to go see cat on a hot tin roof tonight which was screening at the hollywood forever cemetary but i fell asleep instead. i've had a long week. tomorrow i'm getting a tattoo from my friend's tattoo artist who is having an open house and doing free tattoos as long as they are small and simple. then before you know it, it's monday again and i still don't have a new poem because i have such bad writer's block. i keep consistently writing in my journal every raw and boring detail of each day hoping that by the act of writing something will eventually come. eventually, something will. but it just hasn't happened yet. in fact, every page i end up writing, "but if only i could write a poem." i just really really want a new poem. and there doesn't happen to be one in me right now.

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